Senior King of the Hill Tournament

Senior King of the Hill

Six monthly tournaments, held at different centers, to see who will become the First Senior KING OF THE HILL!!!! Open to men and women 50 years of age and up as of the date of each tournament.

*Champion will get $750
*Runner-up will win $250
*Based on 40 entries per qualifying tournament

Qualifying format: 4 games across 8 lanes

Field will be cut to top 8 if there are 40 or more bowlers. Qualifiers will bowl one game and field will be reduced in half, this will continue until a winner is determined.

5 points for participating
5 additional points for each round that they survive
10 points for first place

After the 6 tournaments are completed, the top 12 bowlers in points will come back for the finals in late April to determine who will become the First Senior KING OF THE HILL Champion!

Check-in begins Sunday October 13 at 10:00 AM

Men and Women are eligible whose birthday are on or before 10/13/1963

$35 entry fee if paid in advance
$40 cash only for walk-ins day of the tournament
$5 brackets

Lineage: $10
Expenses: $3
Prize Fund: $5 per entry will go towards prize fund finals of the tournament
Total Prize Fund: $17 per entry
Cash Out: 1:5 ratio with $250 to the winner, $100 to the runner-up based on 40 entries

Checks and mailed in entries will be accepted up to 5 days before the tournament or you can drop of your paid entry at KingPin Lanes. $25 return fee for ALL checks.

Mail to: Rusty Payne C/O Senior Tournament 6915 Walnut Farm Drive Louisville, KY 40229
Call Rusty Payne at: 859-619-9458, Email Rusty at: if you have any questions


October 13 @ 10:30 AM Vinnie Atria
November 10 @ 12:00 PM Bill Wethington
December 8 @ 12:00 PM Bill Powars
January 5 @ 12:00 PM James Bailey
February 16 @ 12:00 PM Ken Bowl Lanes
April 6 @ 12:00 PM Fern Valley Strike & Spare
April 13 @ 12:00 PM TBA


Bill Powars 55
Ben Walker 50
Vernon Hughes 50
Mike Sanders 50
Bill Wethington 45
John Rufra 45
James Bailey 45
Vinnie Atria 40
Anthony O’Neil 35
Randy Warford 25
Derrick Smith 25
Cary Duncan 25
James Stringer 20
Dug Barker 20
Matt McCreary 20
Doug Ogle 20
John Williams 20
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